D.U.M.B. shelters

What are D.U.M.Bs, which stands for Deep Underground Military Bases?  Well they are whole secret cities for the "New World Order".  Now, don't shoot the messenger (me).   Just look at the videos and wonder how an airport, on completely flat vacant land (52sq miles of it), can possibly cost 4.7 Billion dollars, and have as much earth moved as 1/3 of the Panama Canal.  Who footed that bill?  And Denver already had Stapleton International, a perfectly good airport.  Think of how many people could be fed and housed with 4.7 Billion dollars.

Underground cities aren't for dummies [8:47]

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory [6:00 ]
Denver International Airport [11:00] Denver International Airport Conspiracy [11:00]

Here is the controversial horse sculpture that graces the entrance to the Denver International Airport. The eyes were originally going to be red laser beams.


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