Collapse of the Financial Institutions
      or Money, Power & Greed
            or the Banking Industry

What can I say... this is a very scary section and yet a very real possibility!

Banking Overview

I like Niall Ferguson video "Ascent of Money", because it steps you through the history of the banking industry. So much for the "old" rule-of-thumb for the banking industry: 3-6-3. Pay 3% on saving accounts, collect %6 on bank loans, and be on the golf course by 3:00pm.  I like the video "Money Masters" because it goes through the history of banking in a no nonsense manner.

ascent-of-money money-masters
The Ascent of Money by Niall Ferguson [4:00:15]

The Money Masters - Full [3:26:16]
The Secret of Oz  [1:50:49]

Banking Crisis

Here is an explanation of what happened in the banking industry, and apparently the banks are back at it again. Why can't our governments put a stop to risky financial behavior? Is it because the government is doing the same thing? Lets ask them for a Balance Sheet (not a Budget).

Crash - How The Banks Went Bust 2009 [47:47]

How the Banks Never Lose
crash-how-long-will-it-last how-the-banks-won-2010
Crash - How Long Will It Last
How the Banks Won 2010

The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010

Here are the people you can blame for our current predicament.

meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse 2010 Part 1 [44:58]

Meltdown -  Part 2 [44:55]
meltdown meltdown
Meltdown - Part 3 [45:00]
Meltdown - Part 4 [44:59]

Economic Crisis Deepens

Boy, if you don't want to sleep tonight listen to the following two videos by Richard Wolff. There is also the radio interview "Crisis by Design" that might make you think twice.

Why the Economic Crisis Deepens - Richard Wolff

Capitalism Hits the Fan - Richard Wolff [1:45:08]

Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One
History Channel - Prophets Of Doom [1:13:57] Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One | Peter Schiff [1:26:16]

Crisis by Design [1:53:29]

Stock Market(s)

The Day the Dollar Died
The Day the Dollar Died [10:00]

01.29.2011. 23:06

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More Videos
When you watch these videos, look for the facts. Sometimes you need to skip over sections that are childish or blatant propaganda. The videos I have listed here are very thought provoking.

Secret America
End of Liberty [1:14:00]
Ron Paul on the Fed (01/02/11) [16:58]
Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and FEMA[10:27]
Ron Paul: "The Big Bankers Never Lose"[3:03]
Ron Paul on the Two-Party System [3:03]

Solar Flares

911 Revisited

New World Order
Aaron Russo MAD AS HELL [1:23:00]


Global Warming

Financial Crisis

North American Union

2012 Enlightenment|Doom?



pophis Hit Earth in 2029? [4:21]

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